Digital Marketig (SEO)

Digital Marketing is the process that generally we are optimizing a website on Google Search Engine through sharing her data and some business details to google and some public domain. In these technologies, we are promoting and selling products and services to the customer through online marketing or Internet Marketing. We are Increase the business and website traffic and getting more clients or Leads for Business. Digital Marketing Divided by so many types like SEO, SMO, SME, PPC, etc.

SEO is the process in which we are optimizing our website through an organic and natural process. Search Engine Optimization also increases the Quality and Quantity of website traffic, which increases the visibility of website users of web searching. SEO is divided into three types, White Hats SEO, Black Hats SEO, and Grey Hats SEO.

  1. In white hats SEO, we are sharing website data or business data in the public domain and increase the website traffics through the organic way
  2. Black hats SEO is the process in this way we are promoting a website or any kind of business creating some paid advertisement or some Social Media Camping against google guidelines.
  3. but Gery hat SEO risk to your business may be Google or any search engine or any kind of social media platform span your website of business contains.
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SMO(Social Media Network)

SMO is the platform where people share, posting and Listing they are products and services on Social Networking site as like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Social Media Network is the very popular website where we are listing or sharing they are business details for the increase and popularize they are services and products and get more organics leads for the sale of his services or products. SMO(Social Media Optimization) is the process where we also give Facebook Ad campaign to get more customer and

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay per Click is an internet-based advertisement service, In which the user pays the publisher to an advertisement they are services or products in Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click is same as Affiliates Marketing, In this affiliate marketing you sharing your link through other advertisement website and get redirect to your website or a web page which click by the user. Also, you can earn money from this affiliate marketing by commission base by advertisement Company who give you to shorten your link they are website as like, Google Shortner so many platforms available in Online

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